New England Municipal Government News Headlines

Recent news stories related to municipal government in New England (and issues being faced on the local level) include these articles:

CT: Hidden in Plainfield, tri-town line a part of history (Norwich Bulletin)

ME: Portland to roll out recycling carts, replacing open bins (Portland Press Herald)

MA: To manage affordable housing, cities and towns shoot to meet state thresholds (The Boston Globe)

NH: Officials say opioid ODs down, but spice on the rise (New Hampshire Union Leader)

RI: Commission ventures into ‘unchartered’ territory (The Valley Breeze)

VT: Downtown groups to create mobile mini museum (The Brattleboro Reformer)

National: Why Are Local Governments Using a Russian Software the Feds Won’t? (Governing Magazine)

Background information:

Town of Plainfield, CT

Portland, ME, Department of Public Works

City of Portland, ME

City of Manchester, NH

Town of Scituate, RI

Town of Brattleboro, VT


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Thomas Lopatosky is editor & publisher of New England City & Town.
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