Health Services Idea Starter: Tick and Mosquito Disease Awareness & Prevention Learning Event

The Middlesex Tick Task Force is hosting a learning event, “Ticks and Mosquitoes from A to Z (Anaplasmosis to Zika),” designed to help residents learn about these tick and mosquito related diseases and how to prevent them from impacting them and your family.

This free presentation is scheduled to be held on Thursday, 12 May (7:00-9:00 PM) in the Multipurpose Room at the Bedford, MA, Town Hall.

Comprised of representatives from Acton, Bedford, Carlisle, Concord, Lexington, Lincoln, Waltham, Wayland, Westford and Weston, MA, the Middlesex Tick Task Force was formed to increase awareness of tick-borne diseases in member towns, to educate residents about effective prevention measures, and to promote inter-town collaboration about these diseases in Middlesex County. The Task Force recognizes that tick-borne diseases are now endemic in our towns and that residents need information about effective prevention measures they can take to protect themselves, including knowing the signs and symptoms of disease, the life-cycle of the deer tick, how to do a “tick check” after being outside and to safely remove an embedded tick, and the importance of self-advocacy and early medical treatment for tick-borne diseases

Background information:

Town of Weston: Middlesex Tick Task Force


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