Library Idea Starter: Project CHICK

The Cumberland, RI, Public Library is hosting Project CHICK in which children of ages 3-12 are invited to participate. A farm educator from Historic New England’s Casey Farm in Saunderstown, RI, will present a slide show about how chickens are raised at the farm. The presentation is designed to enable children to learn about the life cycle of chickens, what they eat, and what precautions are taken to protect them from predators. A display of various bird eggs, from hummingbird to ostrich will be available. Children will also be able to observe and touch a live Dominique hen and learn how to properly hold a baby chick.

The Children’s Room will receive all supplies needed to incubate a clutch of eggs after the first presentation. Visitors can keep an eye on the incubator in the Children’s Room for 21 days until the chicks hatch. The baby chicks will return to Casey Farm after the second presentation. During April Vacation Week, children will be able to hold the chicks at specific holding times that will be posted in advance.

The presentations are scheduled for Wednesday, 23 March (4:00–5:00 PM) and Saturday, 23 April 23 (2:00-3:00 PM). Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost is 50¢ per child.

Background information:

Cumberland Public Library

Historic New England

Town of Cumberland

Wikipedia: Cumberland, Rhode Island


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