New England Municipal Government News Headlines

Recent news stories related to municipal government in New England (and issues being faced on the local level) include these articles:

CT: Behavior issues in schools a growing problem (The Westerly Sun)

ME: Water District receives state recognition (York Weekly)

MA: Chicopee Police sergeant wins back job after Civil Service Commission rejects chief’s punishment (Springfield Republican)

NH: Hampton sees 2nd pipe failure as warning sign (Hampton Union)

RI: Woonsocket enforces policies to boost revenue (The Valley Breeze)

VT: Voters to decide who will collect delinquent taxes (Deerfield Valley News)

National: Mandatory School Start Dates Impacting More Than Just First Day of Class (WHO-TV)

Background information:

Stonington, CT, Public Schools

Town of Stonington, CT

York Water District, York, ME

Town of York, ME

Chicopee, MA, Police Department

City of Chicopee, MA

Massachusetts Civil Service Commission

Town of Hampton, NH

City of Woonsocket, RI

Town of Dover, VT


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Thomas Lopatosky is editor & publisher of New England City & Town.
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