Senior Services Idea Starter: Chore Program

The City of Torrington, CT, sponsors a Chore Program designed to assist (frail, at risk and /or low income elderly [over the age of 60]) residents of Torrington and Harwinton with housekeeping chores.

The Chore Program enables people to remain at home in their community and not be at risk of institutionalization. It is the responsibility of the elder to provide all cleaning supplies and equipment. A chore worker is scheduled for two hours per week to assist program participants.

There is no charge for the service, although suggested donations are accepted.  The donation is based on the individual’s income.  The suggested donations range from $8.00 to $17.00 per job and helps to defray the cost of the program expenses.

Background information:

Sullivan Senior Center, Torrington

City of Torrington

Town of Harwinton

Wikipedia: Torrington, Connecticut

Wikipedia: Harwinton, Connecticut



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