New England Municipal Government News Headlines

Recent news stories related to municipal government in New England (and issues being faced on the local level) include these articles:

CT: CCM report stresses need for more regional cooperation (Connecticut Post)

ME: Westbrook launches community-wide effort to fight substance abuse (American Journal)

MA: State says Rochester will have a say on Quittacas water permits for New Bedford (The Standard-Times)

NH: Exeter High School dances called off indefinitely (Exeter-Leader)

RI: Residents object to upfront fees for town documents (The Valley Breeze)

VT: Lawyer: Norwich Needs Cause to Fire Manager (Valley News)

National: East Portlanders see gentrification coming, call for action (The Oregonian)

Background information:

Connecticut Conference of Municipalities

City of Westbrook, ME

City of New Bedford, MA

Town of Rochester, MA

Town of Exeter, NH

New Hampshire School Administrative Unit 16

Town of North Smithfield, RI

Town of Norwich, VT


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Thomas Lopatosky is editor & publisher of New England City & Town.
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