Idea Starter: “Right Plant, Right Place” Program

The City of Greensboro, NC, and Greensboro Beautiful, Inc., collaborate to conduct an annual NeighborWoods “Right Plant, Right Place” tree planting program

The NeighborWoods Right Plant, Right Place program is designed to provide residents with an opportunity to plant trees in areas of their neighborhoods where trees have been removed on City property as part of Duke Energy’s ongoing vegetation management. This work is associated with overhead utilities, trees have been damaged or lost due to storms or disease, or simply where trees are needed.

Canopy tree replacement is accomplished by using open space and park land to replant larger trees to maintain canopy integrity. The program is a partnership between the City of Greensboro, Greensboro Beautiful, the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, affected property owners, neighborhoods, and other volunteers. It is funded by private donations to Greensboro Beautiful’s Tree Fund.

Background information:

City of Greensboro

Wikipedia: Greensboro, North Carolina


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