New England Municipal Government News Headlines

Recent news stories related to municipal government in New England (and issues being faced on the local level) include these articles:

CT: Southington school resource officer works to develop relationships, prevent problems (The Southington Citizen)

ME: Damariscotta, Business Community Discuss Paid Parking (The Lincoln County News)

MA: Downtown Trick or Treat includes Beverly road closure (The Salem News)

NH: Tired of false security alarms that bring police response, Gilford will enforce fines (The Laconia Daily Sun)

RI: Rhode Island is grappling with fast-disappearing wetlands (The Westerly Sun)

VT: Online rentals may be dodging paying lodging tax (The Deerfield Valley News)

National: Dancing cop vs. abusive cop: One defused a defiant teen. The other got fired. (Washington Post)

Background information:

Southington, CT, Police Department

Southington, CT, Public Schools

Town of Southington, CT

City of Beverly, MA

Gilford, NH, Police Department

Town of Gilford, NH

Town of Dover, VT


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Thomas Lopatosky is editor & publisher of New England City & Town.
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