New England Municipal Government News Headlines

Recent news stories related to municipal government in New England (and issues being faced on the local level) include these articles:

CT: City leaders call for preservation of Mum Festival after panel votes to disband (Bristol Press)

ME: South Portland relentless in its pursuit of sustainability (Portland Press Herald)

MA: Sidewalks on the mind … and on the public posts (The Daily News of Newburyport)

NH: Cop’s inheritance case leads to Portsmouth whistleblower protections (Portsmouth Herald)

RI: Chariho adjusts budget after losing state funding (The Westerly Sun)

VT: Windsor Board Refuses Position on Solar Site (Valley News)

National: How to fix a neighborhood on the edge (Rochester, NY, Democrat & Chronicle)

Background information:

City of Bristol, CT

City of South Portland, ME

City of Newburyport, MA

City of Portsmouth, NH

Chariho Regional School District, RI (Charlestown, Hopkinton, and Richmond)

Town of Charlestown, RI

Town of Hopkinton, RI

Town of Richmond, RI

Town of Windsor, VT


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Thomas Lopatosky is editor & publisher of New England City & Town.
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