Education Idea Starter: Dune Exploration/Restoration Project

Students from five schools in Dartmouth, Fall River, and Westport, MA, recently participated in a field study in which they explored the dunes at Cherry & Webb Beach in Westport. This study was done in partnership with the Westport River Watershed Alliance as part of its Dune Restoration Project (an initiative of the Alliance’s Watershed Education Program).

In their study, students visited four different teaching stations in which they learned about the unique plants of the dune ecosystem and planted approximately 2,000 American beach grass seedlings in an ongoing effort to restore an eroded section of the dunes.  Participants were able to observe the results of the work classes did in year’s past. The goal of the project is to teach students natural science and to build a sense of stewardship among the students for the special natural communities found in Westport.

Media report:

Westport Shorelines: Youngsters explore, restore Westport’s fragile dunes (6 NOV 12)

Background information:

Westport River Watershed Alliance: Watershed Education Program

Westport River Watershed Alliance

Facebook: Westport River Watershed Alliance

Dartmouth Public Schools

Town of Dartmouth

Fall River Public Schools

City of Fall River

Westport Community Schools

Town of Westport

Wikipedia: Westport River

Wikipedia: Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Wikipedia: Fall River, Massachusetts

Wikipedia: Westport, Massachusetts


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